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Current News

2/5/2011 Photo prints surfaced!
We are very excited to announce the recent aquisition of 451 never seen before photo images taken by Robert Bowlby which will find a home on this website and in a future publishing of Herb Greene's work. Please view the photographs from the links below:
Commercial Project
Cunningham Residence
French Residence and Others
Herb Greene
Joyce Residence
Loovas Residence
Lyne Residence
University of Kentucky parking structure
Prairie House
SW Bell
Unitarian Church
Unnamed Project

6/17/2010 Taliesin Lecture

We are delighted to share the work of Herb Greene at Taliesin East this summer. Lila Cohen will be presenting the art and architecture of Herb Greene on July 15th, 2010. This discussion will center on Herb Greene's influences and some of his most celebrated built works with special emphasis on armatures and building with artists. Completing the lecture will be a demonstration of Herb Greene's paintings and how they have been an integral part of the process and creation of all of Mr. Greene's work.

September 18th, 2009
We are pleased to announce that The Prairie House will be featured in The Phaidon Atlas of 20th Century World Architecture which showcases 750 of the most beautiful buildings of the 20th Century!

May 15th, 2009
Herb Greene has recently donated the following list of orginal paintings and drawings to The Chicago Art Institute. For more information on the exhibition visit the Chicago Art Institute at www.artic.edu

The Shadow Hand in the Vermeer #3

Woman Writing a Letter

Man as Art #1

Texas Mother #2

Sartre and Giacometti

An extensive volume of architectural production drawings with selected studies and presentation drawings as well as Armature studies.

For information or inquiries on purchasing Herb Greene paintings or drawings, please contact info@herbgreene.org
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